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fd. com\scr ipts\LOGON. BAT I have created the MANAGER and OWNER folder and shared it out to the above account names with full access. In the above account profiles in AD, I have added LOGON. BAT to the logon script How can the answer be improved? I am looking for a way (manual or progamatic) to find out where the user's activer directory login script is located. I can parse the results of" net user" to get the script name, but that doesn't tell me what file share the script lives on.

Feb 12, 2015  Then there is no logon script assigned to the user. However, this logon script feature isn't the only method one can go about for executing a script during logon. Every user has a Startup folder. Each item in this Startup folder is invoked during a If this is where your predecessor stored the script, you can find the location of this folder locally to the DC by opening the Computer Management console on the DC, and checking through the Shares (you'll find the path to the Netlogon share here).

Nov 28, 2010 logon script location. Windows Server Directory Services. logon script field. on it. so we've created a new folder under it called test and tries to call it again but it never works. apparently the scripts file that we can use is the one that available under the Create the logon script and give it the appropriate name (for example: logon. bat, logon. cmd, logon. vbs, etc. ) The script can use ANY name, just make sure you know what that name is, and give it the right file extension type.

Aug 15, 2013 Profile Tab here is a field labeled" Logon Script: " and it lists a batch file in this field. Multiple web searches all seem to claim that the following directory is where these live: \\ logonserver \ sysvol\scripts Active Directory Logon Script (Batch File). This should be in This will map network drives, call the VBScript and Batch file as listed below, and sync the time with the NTP server Source Code.

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