Netlogon everyone share permissions

Make note of the directory location of the SYSVOL share. By default this will be For this requirement, permissions will be verified at the first SYSVOL directory level. Nov 21, 2012 Why Netlogon everyone share permissions Microsoft use the Everyone group in the default share permissions for both NetLogon and SysVol? I can't find any reason to not replace the Everyone group with the Authenticated Users group.

There is no guidance I can find from Microsoft on this configuration other than that is the way it is set. Dec 12, 2011 There is nothing wrong with using the" everyone" permission on the share, as long as you use something like authenticated users, or groups or users you specify on the NTFS rights.

It's also recommended by M, between NTFS and Share Permissions, the effective permissions are whichever is most restrictive. SYSVOL& NETLOGON Shares with Everyone Share Permissions We've recently had to audit all network shares to remove Everyone Read permissions, as user accounts in a Trusted Domain (twoway trust) are now logging into and accessing internal resources in our primary domain.

Dec 14, 2009  For example, by default the SYSVOL share allows readonly access to the Everyone user context. However, the NTFS permissions for the SYSVOL folder (C: \Windows\SYSVOL be default) restrict readonly access to the Authenticated Users context. So by default, only domain authenticated users will be granted read privileges everyone having read in the share permission of both SYSVOL and NETLOGON.

In Share permission of Sysvol we have authenticated users having full access. Kindly let me know if we can replace Everyone with Authenticated users and what may be the impact of modifying the ACl of these two folders. It's also recommended by Microsoft, between NTFS and Share Permissions, the effective permissions are whichever is most restrictive.

If the NTFS permission is Read and the Share Permission is Full Control, the effective permission is Read because it is the most restrictive.

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