Bitmap image is not valid error

mspaint problem this is not a valid bitmap file them back as jpg (using the jpg option). When I try to open the saved file, I get" Paint cannot read this file. This is not a valid bitmap file". When I preview it with windows photo gallery, I can see the picture. it seems that any image above dpi won't open in Paint, even Its a thread used to receive the image in background.

In the main form of my application server I own a TServerSocket component working with the ServerType property to stThreadBlocking. In my client application I have TClientSocket component using the property ClientType as ctNonBlocking.

12 CtrlV to copy the image into the dbimage (it did) and clicked the post button Autocommit was true. 13 Proceeded to similarly drop When I run the following code in Delphi 3, I get the following error: Bitmap image is not valid Why? procedure TObject); begin With Image1 do Hi all, I'm trying to load an Image from OLE into a DBImage component and I get an error: error: Bitmap image is not valid How can I sort this out please? Thanks Sep 12, 2018" bitmap image is not valid" Discussion in 'Windows XP Internet Explorer' started by Guest, Nov 6, 2003.

Re: Bitmap image is not valid I've got a bmp file, that I cant load into a TImage or TDBImage. This seems to be a problem in Delphi 1, Delphi 5 as well as Delphi 2007. Jun 24, 2009 Try setting the Blobtype property to BLOB, it maybe at GRaphic, and that is normally a bitmap. ftBlob will indicate a large object field which means it can store Jun 12, 2013  It seems to be a problem with Inno Setup recognizing BMP files, I'm not sure what is causing it but I can fix it with Photoshop.

I think I've found your account based on your name. Could you just confirm that your email address is a ymail. com account, and let me know the generic names of the programs (Windows Cleaner, However, when i try to create a bitmap out of the memory stream it thorows an exception stating" parameter is not valid". The second approach I tried was to use method, but it also says" parameter is not valid" when it tries to get the image from stream (memory stream).

Aug 31, 2018 That's the message I've now received about a picture that I've worked on in Paint on many previous occasions with no problem at all. (The complete message is: " Paint Cannot Support This File. This is not a valid bitmap file or its format is not supported. " ) I can still Adjust the picture (crop, rotate, etc. ). Why do I get a" Parameter is not valid. " exception when I read an image from my database?

But if the data is not a valid image for any reason, the line: myImage new Bitmap When the Image class tries to convert it to an actual image, it can't understand it at all, and throws the exception.

The code works parameter is not valid for new bitmap in c#. net while creating bitmap object from image object. Create bitmap from filestream then clone it for solution. NOTE: We have found that not all graphics software work well with the windows bitmap (bmp) format.

Most notibly Corel Draw. You may try opening your logo file in another program like windows paint, saving it and then importing it back into EstiMate. Web resources about Bitmap image not valid [Edit Bitmap Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia In computing, a bitmap is a mapping from some domain (for example, a range of integers) to

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